Ceo of HDC

Join HIP and Go Global

HIP will connect halal entrepreneurs under our organization with key stakeholders under one platform, potentially connecting more than 200,000 local Halal industry players to develop their ability and business capabilities. This platform can help entrepreneurs explore potential new business opportunities to gain access to domestic and international markets thus meeting the current digital business activity patterns.

~ Hairol Ariffein Sahari,

(CEO of Halal Development Corporation)

Our Objective

HDC has established a Virtual Networking Platform for the industry stakeholders to participate in the Halal industry ecosystem. The main purpose of the platform is to enable HDC to facilitate and coordinate the growth of Halal Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprise (MSME) towards contributing to the Malaysia’s capability in Halal products export.

Value Proposition

Market Access

Provide market access to your client through HIP to other countries, especially ASEAN market. Members could also enjoy the benefit of new market opportunities through our Business Matching program.

Source for Halal Ingredient Suppliers

Assist your potential client to source for Halal Certified ingredients through our Halal Ingredients Database.

Source for Halal Professionals

To help accelerate the halal readiness of your potential client, companies is able to source for Halal talents or Halal professional services through HIP talent pool.

Access to the Latest Digital Solution

HIP offers digital solutions for Certification Bodies to manage data, clients, and connect to the Halal Supply Chain. It helps create a competitive advantage.

Integration with HIP

To help Halal manufacturers join the global Halal supply chain, we're inviting Certification Bodies to onboard their clients to HIP. Those already using a digital system can integrate with HIP for a seamless experience.

Halal Industry Insights

HIP offers Halal Industry insight via Knowledge Center, Online Learning & Digital Media Platform. Certification Bodies can use these facilities to promote awareness to clients.


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