Wherever We Go, Wherever You Go! with HIP Booklet 2024

Wherever We Go, Wherever You Go!

🎉 Join Us in Russia Halal Expo! 🎉

Join us in our prestigious HIP Booklet 2024 and we will bring you to the largest city and capital of Tatarstan, Russia!

Gain prominence in our HIP Booklet, reaching audiences during the Russia Halal Expo with minimum cost and effort.

🚀 Showcase your products and services in our exclusive annual HIP Booklet and this is your chance to captivate potential clients, forge valuable partnerships, and influence key decision-makers in the Halal sector especially in Kazan!

Subscription Details:

Promotion Price: RM1,500.00 (excluding SST)

Subscription Period: Until the end of 2024

Seize this incredible opportunity and be expose to Russian Market and more!!!

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